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About Us


Pike & Joyce...
two families… two stories.

Pike & Joyce is perched high in the Adelaide Hills (593m above sea level) just 40 minutes from the CBD with spectacular 180 degree views of the hills, Onkaparinga Valley and beyond.

Established in 1998, our brand is a partnership between two families who both share a love of the region, a passion for food and viticulture, and a desire to produce only the finest wine.

But what we have created is not just your average cellar door – we have captured the sights, sounds and tastes of the Adelaide Hills in one amazing experience. 

The Joyce family, as fifth generation horticulturists, and the Pike family, who are long established in winemaking and viticulture, brought this vision to life in the development of 25 hectares of land at Lenswood, commencing in 1998.

The cool climate, the gravelly loam soil, the sloping land and its lofty elevated position (the vineyards being some of the highest in the Adelaide Hills) provide the terroir for the production of the highest quality cool climate wine grapes. Accordingly the wines produced have a distinctive and sub regional character.

The Joyce family has owned and managed orchards for over five generations, and as such, the vines are cared for in a very traditional sense, hand pruned and hand picked. This ensures the finest grapes are produced, before being transported for vinification at the Pike’s long established and highly awarded, Clare Valley Winery.

The Pike Family have long been a part of viticulture with Andrew and Neil Pike working together within their respective fields, to ensure a perfect balance of winemaking philosophy. Traditional old-world techniques combined with modern Australian winemaking to produce a style reflecting both the variety and region and of course the season. 

Perhaps it is no surprise that the Pike & Joyce wines have established a reputation as some of the Adelaide Hills’ finest.

Technical Information

Established: 1998

Sub Region: Lenswood, Adelaide Hills.This sub region produces wines of outstanding quality with distinctive character. The vineyards are some of the highest in the Adelaide Hills at approximately 500-550 metres above sea level, giving the wines excellent natural acidity.

Ownership: 100% owned by the Pike and the Joyce Family. 

Hectares/Acres: 25 ha (60 acres) planted in the period from 1998 - 2010.

Climate: Lenswood represents a true ‘cool climate’ Australian wine region. Average rainfall is approximately 800mm-1000mm (32-40 inches). The steep sloping terrain virtually eliminates the risk of frost.

Soils: Gravelly, clay loam soils that drain extremely well.

Viticulture Aspects

Orientation: Steep north and east facing slopes predominate.

Vineyard Specifications: 2.5m vine spacing. The trellis is a combination of treated pine posts and steal stakes with a single cordon wire at 1m with two moveable foliage wires for vertical shoot positioning.

Irrigation Levels: Entire vineyard established with a drip irrigation system. Irrigate only when necessary i.e. to keep vines functioning at their optimum levels to produce the highest quality grapes.

Pruning: Hand spur pruning only, leaving an average of 30-40 buds/vine. Crop levels are on average 5-10 t/ha (2-4 tonnes/acre). Grapes are hand harvested, chilled and transported to Pikes winery in the Clare Valley for vinification.