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The Winemaking Aspects of Pike & Joyce

Winery Building:

Located at Pikes Vintners in the Clare Valley. Constructed of steel and local stone (also double insulated).


Is all modern winemaking equipment including tank presses, crusher destemmer, must chilling facilities, temperature controlled 316 stainless steel storage and fermentation tanks.

Fruit Handling:

Grapes are hand harvested, chilled and transported to Pikes Vintners winery in the Clare Valley. Most fruit is lightly crushed and destemmed prior to pressing or fermentation. Some whole bunch pressing carried out on Chardonnay with most Pinot Noir being destemmed only. Minimal amounts of SO2 added in the vineyard to protect against oxidation in delicate aromatic white varieties. SO2 added to Pinot Noir prior to maceration/fermentation. Pectic enzymes added to white varieties ex press, juice/must acid adjusted where necessary. Inert gases, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are used extensively to protect all our wines from oxidation.


Pure yeast cultures added for delicate whites produced as well as some Pinot Noir - most Pinot Noir is wild yeast fermented and is carried out in small open vats with cap management by hand. All the Chardonnay has a natural ferment in barrel with solids. MLF occurs naturally in Pinot Noir and sometimes is inoculated in Chardonnay.

Oak Usage:

Pinot Noir is matured in oak for 12 months prior to bottling and Chardonnay can have 10 months or so in barrel. We use only Burgundy sourced premium quality French oak barrels. We top our barrels once a month during most of the year. Chardonnay is racked only once (off lees) prior to bottling, while the Pinot Noir may have up two rackings prior to bottling.

Finishing the Wines:

All whites are cold and heat stabilised prior to bottling. If fining is required PVP is our preferred agent. Membrane filtration is carried out at the bottling stage with the whites. Our Pinot Noir is fined with gelatine (only if necessary) and minimum filtration if required.


We aim to produce wines that reflect their variety, region and vintage conditions. We are quite happy to watch over the wines during their formative stage and intervene only when necessary. We aim to produce the best wines we can from the fruit our vineyards give us from any particular vintage.